5 Best Metal Detecting Backpacks 2023

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  • Date: January 29, 2024
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5 Best Metal Detecting Backpacks

If you are looking for the best metal detecting backpack, then the Garrett Sport Daypack easily takes that mantle. However, this isn’t the only quality metal detecting backpack on the market………

The 5 Best Metal Detecting Backpacks

  1. Garrett Sport Daypack for Metal Detecting
  2. Gootium Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack
  3. Gootium Sling Bag
  4. Garrett Backpack for Metal Detector
  5. Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Backpack

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Here is what we consider the 5 best metal detecting backpacks

The 5 Best Metal Detecting Backpacks

On this page, I want to introduce you to the 5 best metal detecting backpacks 2023. Whether you are a new metal detector or experienced with the hobby, I am positive I will have something to catch your attention.

Garrett Sport Daypack for Metal Detecting 

metal detecting backpack

Garrett makes some of the best metal detectors in the world, so it is only right that they produce the best backpack too. While the design of this backpack may look simplistic, it really does pack a punch in terms of quality and design.

The best thing about this backpack is that it has two large zippered compartments which can hold all your spare stuff, pinpointer, snacks, gloves, and all the things you’ll need when you are detecting. Large enough to hold an electronic tablet too if, like me, you like to video your finds.”

As with most Garett products, this metal detecting backpack has been built to last. The fabric is nigh on unbreakable, and since many of us metal detect in quite harsh environments with lots of dust floating around, then this is fantastic.

You should easily have enough space to carry everything you need for metal detecting too. This is going to go perfect with your Garrett Metal Detector.

Pros & Cons

  • • Made of ultratough material that can put up with most metal detecting environments.
  • • Plenty of space for most of your metal detecting gear
  • • Comfortable to wear
  • • Some people believe it to be too small
  • • Not made in the USA like other Garrett products


  • Narrow Profile—Allows more freedom to move in rough terrain or dense brush than a full-size backpack
  • Ample Storage—Two large zippered compartments will hold your spare coil, extra pinpointer, snacks, gloves, and various field necessities. Large enough to hold an electronic tablet or laptop (up to 13″ size).
  • Additional Storage—Two small side zipper pouches to hold finds and other small items; one 9-inch-deep zippered accessory pocket to keep important items close at hand; two internal pouches (one zippered) to keep items separated; and one padded divider pouch for notebooks or important papers.
  • Exterior Webbing—MOLLE-type webbing grid can be used to attach accessories and carabiners to secure other items.
  • Side Pockets—Ideal to hold water bottles or your finds.
  • Side Straps—Use to cinch up your pack when you are carrying a light load, or secure your jacket and/or rain gear.
  • Adjustable Fit—Shoulder straps, hipbelt, and sternum strap can be adjusted to provide greater comfort for your load.
  • Padded Back—Provides additional comfort for heavier loads. Includes luggage sleeve that allows daypack to easily attach to rolling luggage handles.
  • Hideaway Hipbelt—Waist belt that helps keep pack properly positioned during your long hikes. Belt can be hidden away with Velcro flap on back of pack when not in use.
  • Specialized Features—Loads of extras like an internal sunglasses pouch at the top of the inner compartment; reinforced carrying handle; internal hook for attaching car key ring and keeping them safe.
  • Dimensions:
    • Interior height: Approx. 14″ (35.5cm)
    • Width: 11.5″ (29cm)
  • Material: Nylon, weather resistant


Garrett Sport Daypack for Metal Detecting
This backpack from the respected Garrett stable, has everything you need in a metal detecting backpack....AND MORE!!!! Internal hook for your keys, so you don't end up search the field for them, just to get home. And being adjustable, you can wear this backpack all day with very little issues.

Gootium Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack

metal detecting backpack

While this Gootium has not been explicitly designed for metal detecting, the quality of the backpack made it more than worthy of being included on this list of the 5 best metal detecting backpacks 2020.

This product is manufactured from 100% cotton, which makes it tough as nails. It looks ridiculously stylish too and is available in various colors, although that is more of an additional benefit on top of the practicality that it brings to the table.

“This is bigger than I thought it was going to be, but that is fine by me. The color is just like in the picture. It feels really amazing. It’s not too stiff and the canvas feels very sturdy and strong. Just enough pockets for all my stuff and the straps are amazingly comfortable.” 

You have plenty of pockets available with the Gootium Thick Canvas backpack, and all of the pockets are easily accessible providing you with access to your metal detecting gear as soon as you need it. The drawstring close and high-quality clips will ensure that your equipment stays securely in place when you aren’t using it.

Pros & Cons

  • • Stylish backpack
  • • Rugged construction
  • • Plenty of space available
  • • No metal detecting ‘specific’ products. This is a general use backpack.


  • 100% cotton
  • Drawstring closure
  • Soft material,100% cotton 16oz garment washed canvas
  • Large size,easy to carry your necessary
  • Sufficient use of multiple pockets using snaps to close
  • Economize your carrying effort
  • Eco-friendly casual life style


Gootium Canvas Backpack - Vintage Outdoor Rucksack Travel Day Pack, Coffee
Although not primarily aimed at detectorists, it fits the bill perfectly. Plenty of space for all the essentials and with its iconic design and quality construction you'll be able to use it for more than days out with your detector.

Gootium Sling Bag

metal detecting backpack

This is another Gootium product that has not really been designed specifically for metal detecting, but do not let that put you off. This is an incredibly popular product among the crowd that does not take that much in the way of equipment with them.

This is a smaller bag, so it is designed more for those that travel lighter. Although, to be honest, it can easily carry a bit more than just the necessities. 

“I’ve been using this backpack daily for many months now and it still looks brand new! Most packs start looking worn after the kind of use I give them, but this bag is still great! I wish all things were as well made as Gootium’s!”

Once everything has been loaded into the backpack, it should be easy to access. There are several pockets on here, and getting into them should be a breeze.

This is what I really do want to see in a metal detecting bag.

You never know when you are going to have a use for a specific bit of equipment, so it is brilliant that you can just reach in and pull it out at a moment’s notice.

The real highlight of the Gootium sling bag, in my opinion, is the fact that it boasts the same quality canvas that Gootium are known for. Just like the previous Gootium backpack, this is going to be nigh on indestructible.

Pros & Cons

  • • Quality canvas
  • • Easy to access pockets
  • • Perfect for those that travel light
  • • A bit too small for heavy equipment carriers
  • • Not waterproof


  • MATERIAL- Made of heavy-duty canvas, the Gootium #80707 sling bag is endowed with ultra-durable performance. Garment wash for the raw cotton canvas fabric adds soft and smooth touch to it.
  • DIMENSIONS- (L) 8″ x (W) 3″ x (H) 13.4″; Item weighs 1.26 Lbs; Capacity of 5.2 Liters.
  • WELL CONSTRUCTION- The lightweight sling day pack (only weights 580g) features a padded tablet sleeve (fit iPad upto 9.7-inch) and additional storage compartments for your personal items. The internal zipper pocket keeps your passport or wallet safe and secure. Two front expandable pockets offer quick access to daily essentials.
  • FINEST WORKMANSHIP- All seams have reinforced stitching and wrapped binding. The internal tablet sleeve and back penal gets padded to provide protective section for valuable items. Padded strap can proactively relieve the heavy load on your shoulder and be comfortably carried all day.
  • VERSATILE DAYPACK- We designed this casual crossbody backpack to free you from bulky storage bag. You can just grab it before you leave home rather than wasting time to pack your essentials. The swap-able padded shoulder strap means this is bag can be worn over either the left or right shoulder or across your body to suit all needs, the top leather handle offers alternative way to carry this practical daypack


Gootium Sling Bag - Canvas Crossbody Daypack
Like the review says, if you find that you don't need loads of equipment, this sling bag is an ideal addition to your metal detecting kit. Although lightweight the heavy duty canvas construction will last a long time.

Garrett Backpack for Metal Detector

metal detecting backpack

This is the cheapest product on this list by far, but that shouldn’t matter too much. You probably already know the quality to expect from Garrett, and this backpack delivers that in droves.

This is a simple backpack. It is made with just a single pocket. A large one, but still only one. It is perfect for storing a fold-able metal detector and a few pieces of equipment. If you do not need anything too fancy (and sometimes I do not need anything too fancy), then this backpack is just the ticket.

I carry all the essentials for my Garrett detector plus the stuff I need for the day whether it’s out in the woods or at the beach. Large enough to carry what is needed but not too bulky to carry. Would recommend.” 

Despite the low price, Garrett clearly haven’t skimped on the materials in this metal detecting backpack. It is surprisingly tough, and it should keep most water at bay. However, I probably wouldn’t suggest taking it outside in the heaviest of downpours.

Despite the lack of padded shoulders on this backpack, it is still surprisingly comfortable to walk around with. However, you are probably not going to want to overload it too much or you lose that comfort.

Pros & Cons

  • • Affordable price
  • • Can hold a lot of equipment
  • • Garrett quality
  • • Single pocket
  • • No padded straps


Fasten: Zipper

Height: 21.5’’ interior height

Width: 14.5’’ width

Weight: 1 pounds


Garrett Backpack Metal Detector 1651700
Simple backpack from a well respected name in the metal detecting community. Don't be put off by the size or the low cost of this backpack

Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Backpack

metal detecting backpack

I am going to wrap up with another backpack that hasn’t been designed for metal detecting, but is used by metal detectorists the world over.

This backpack has been made from 100% polyester. This means that it very tough. It can even put up with a decent amount of rain. This is great if you need to protect your equipment if you have been caught short by a downpour.

“This backpack is perfect. I can’t even tell you how many bags I have owned or how many I’ve ordered in the past, but this is probably one of my favorites by far. Super-strong, super lightweight, the straps are very comfortable when you are wearing it.”

There is plenty of space loaded into this backpack. This includes plenty of pockets. This ensures that you will always have the equipment that you need a quick search away.

To cap it all off; this is a very comfortable backpack to wear. It has padded straps, which means you can walk for long periods with ease, even if it has been loaded up with tons and tons of equipment.

Along with a good detecting harness , this is perfect for people out for long haul metal detecting. There is even a pouch to add a water bladder to, just in case you get thirsty while out and about.

Pros & Cons

  • • Quality construction
  • • Tons of space available
  • • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • • Some pockets are useless for metal detectors


  • 100% Polyester
  • Zipper closure
  • RELIABLE & DURABLE MATERIAL: 17.1 x 11.1 x 6.1 inches, Capacity: 24L; The Wakizashi Backpack is made of high density fabric-durable (100% Polyester) and has 1475 cu. inches
  • MOLLE SYSTEM: Mole webbing throughout for attaching additional tactical pouches or gear
  • COMFORTABLE & FUNCTIONAL: Heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls, load compression system on both sides, top carry handle, Velcro patch holder, ventilated mesh padded back area & shoulder strap, breathable and comfortable.
  • HYDRATION COMPATIBLE: You will be able to quench your thirst whenever you roam with a hydration bladder pocket featuring a hose port for easy access to H2O (hydration reservoir sold separately)
  • ENSURED VERSATILITY: This army assault backpack is an absolute must-have for every man or woman who is frequently camping, hiking, trekking, traveling or someone who is a fan of outdoor, survival adventures! It is small and compact enough to easily carry


Samurai Tactical Tactical Day Pack Backpack for Everyday
A really comfortable backpack with loads of room to store all your detecting essentials. Again not a dedicated metal detectorists backpack, but one which does the job and is used by many all over the world.