6 Best Metal Detecting Gloves

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  • Date: January 29, 2024
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Why should you invest in a pair of metal detecting gloves? Metal detecting can be a really fun hobby, but it’s important to protect yourself, especially your hands. The metal detectorist is at risk of cuts and scrapes from sharp objects, bacteria, or germs that may be found in the same location as that illusive buried treasure. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good quality pair of gloves. Here we take a look at what we consider to be the best metal detecting gloves on the market today 

The Best 6 Metal Detecting Gloves

  • Calces 365 Metal Detecting Gloves
  • CLC Custom Leathercraft Metal Detecting Gloves
  • Youngstown Metal Detecting Gloves
  • Ironclad Heavy Duty Metal Detecting Gloves
  • Aegend Reinforce Double-Stitched Metal Detecting Gloves
  • Handlandy Metal Detecting Gloves

Why You Need Gloves When Metal Detecting

Helps Protect You Against Bacteria

metal detecting gloves

Many dangerous types of germs and bacteria luck beneath the earth’s surface, and unfortunately that is where you will dig up those long-lost treasures, so it makes sense to take every precaution to protect yourself.

 Nasty bacterias such as Leptospirosis and botulism are often found in soil samples so wearing gloves while you search is a good way of protecting yourself from germs such as these. 

Even washing your hand after a day of detecting, digging around with your bare hands, won’t necessarily rid you of all these germs. So prevention is the key. But there are other hazards that you need to be aware of too.

Protection From Cuts and Scrapes

cut finger while metal detecting

Any detectorist will tell you that some items can be found just below the surface, but there are also many items, such as cans, sharp stones, and other less desirable objects that we come across from time to time. And as we frequently find out, these are normally a lot more robust than our skin. 

Not only is this painful, but the broken skin can then let the aforementioned bacteria in, causing you all sorts of problems. For this reason alone, it is important that when you are detecting you need to protect your hands with a pair of good quality metal detecting gloves that will help protect you from cuts and abrasions. 

Protect Your Hands Against The Cold

cold hands while metal detecting

Detecting in the wintertime can bring a few problems, one of them being cold hands. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable but when your hands are cold, it makes it harder to feel things, especially cuts and nicks in the skin. 

On top of this when your hands are numb, it could make handling some of those delicate and fragile finds a lot harder. A good pair of insulated gloves will help to prevent this from happening. Plus you will be able to stay out for much longer, thus increasing your chances of finding that treasured item.

They Must Be Flexible As Well As Strong

metal detecting gloves

One other area that is often overlooked when buying gloves to use when metal detecting, is flexibility. It’s fine keeping your hands warm and free from cuts but if you struggle to use your pinpointer or trowel while you have them on, this can be a problem.

Many times the items that we find are very often small, so we need to have that dexterity and flexibility in the glove to help us handle these things safely and correctly.

A good quality pair of metal detecting gloves will help you to do that. Helping you enjoy your searches without feeling uncomfortable or getting any nasty surprises, that could put a swift end to a session.

Our List Of The Top 6 Metal Detecting Gloves

Calces 365 Metal Detecting Gloves

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Calces 365 metal detecting gloves are a must-have for all metal detectors and are designed to provide you with the protection and comfort you need, for a day’s metal detecting. 

The specially designed glove’s finger reinforcement prevents the glove from ripping and getting caught on rusty nails and other sharp objects in the soil, while the cleverly designed air vents help reduce the buildup of heat when detecting in those summer months. 

With adjustable wrist strap and knuckle protection, these gloves are really built to last. 

Calces 365 metal detecting gloves also feature an integrated pinpointer lanyard that allows you to keep your pinpointer close by at all times.

These metal detecting gloves are also machine washable and come in Large and X-Large

Calces 365 Metal Detector Gloves
  • ✅ Extra Protection and Finger Reinforced to Prevent Ripping
  • ✅ Free Pinpointer Lanyard and Decal
  • ✅ Adjustable Wrist Strap and Nuckle Protection
  • ✅ Machine Washable
  • ✅ Air Vents to Reduce Buildup of Body Heat

CLC Custom Leathercraft Metal Detecting Gloves

CLC Custom Leathercraft glovesCheck it out on Amazon

The CLC Custom Metal Detecting gloves are made from synthetic leather, which is designed to be resistant to shrinking and hardening. The concealed inner stitching prevents these gloves from snagging on objects such as sharp pieces of rusty metal.

Made of specially engineered yarn that resist shrinking in wet environments and designed with a  wing closing strap that helps prevent the gloves from slipping off when they become wet these gloves will never let you down. And with stretchable spandex and Lycra sides for improved dexterity, these metal detecting gloves are designed for comfort and durability. 

CLC Custom Leathercraft gloves

Reinforced fingertips provide extra protection when you need it most and a really useful 3 touch screen fingertips allows you to use your mobile device or if your detector screen is touch-sensitive, without having to take the gloves off!

These metal detecting gloves are available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Metal Detector Gloves
  • Reinforced fingertips - for added durability
  • Padded knuckle for protection
  • Adjustable elastic cuff
  • Concealed internal stitching
  • Made from Clarino synthetic leather

Youngstown Metal Detecting Gloves

Youngstown glovesCheck it out on Amazon

These Youngstown Kevlar metal detecting gloves are the perfect accessory to your metal detecting equipment. These heavy-duty gloves are completely lined throughout with 100% Kevlar fiber by DuPont, for cut resistance. 

And as an added bonus, these gloves will give you a confident grip on your metal detector handle at all times and in all weathers. The nonslip reinforcement on the palm, fingers, and thumb for lasting durability and grip at all times.

Youngstown Metal Detector Gloves

They also feature a Velcro closure supportive cuff, a padded area on the knuckle, and the ingenious ‘Terry Cloth’ thumb for wiping away sweat from your face and eyes, on those warm detecting days. 

You can be confident that these gloves will remain tight and secure on the hand whatever the conditions. And another great thing about the Youngstown gloves is that they are machine washable.

These metal detecting gloves come in sizes Small right through to XXX-Large.

Ironclad Heavy Duty Metal Detecting Gloves

Ironclad glovesCheck it out on Amazon

The Ironclad Heavy Duty Metal Detecting Gloves are the ultimate metal detecting gloves. Featuring reinforced saddle, palm, thumb, and covered fingers for added durability and increased grip.

Made of Thermoplastic rubber knuckle protection they provide impact and abrasion protection right across the knuckles, should you place your hand down onto some sharp rocks or stone.

And with an adjustable Hook and Loop Closure, they provide a secure custom fit, that will stay on the hand whatever you find yourself doing and whatever the weather. Due to their amazing design and the quality materials that have been used in their manufacturer, these gloves have an  amazing tactile feel, and great dexterity. 


They have the ‘Terry Cloth’ sweat wipe conveniently located on the back of the thumb allowing you to stay focused on your hunt, even when the sweat starts to run down your brow. The Ironclad Heavy Duty Metal Detecting Gloves provide ultimate comfort for hours of metal detecting conform and safety.

Ironclad Heavy Duty Metal Detector Gloves
  • A durable & resilient all-purpose glove with amazing tactile properties & finger freedom. With additional ankle protection and reinforced palm, stronger and more flexible than ever before! This glove is strong
  • Product features: improved Duraclad reinforcements, recessed double seams for durability and toughness, rubber impact protection for the ankles, one-piece faux leather side protection for palm and fingers, secure, non-bulky wrist closure
  • Ideal for: construction, transport and warehousing, demolition, garden/landscaping, forestry work & nurseries, wood warehouses, cable & wire work

Aegend Reinforce Double-Stitched Metal Detecting Gloves

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The Aegend Reinforce Double-Stitched Metal Detecting Gloves are designed to be strong and durable, that makes them ideal for detecting and hunting treasure. 

The double-stitches design and high-quality material prevent the gloves from ripping and tearing too easily and so extends the gloves’ life cycle. 

No products found.

The design of the palm uses abrasion-resistant materials, providing toughness, and reinforce the position where the finger is easily damaged. Towel clothes on the thumbs make it easy to wipe sweat off.

And you don’t be too concerned about the fit! The flexible composite fabric that these gloves are made from will ensure that people with different palm sizes can wear them in comfort.

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Handlandy Metal Detecting Gloves

HANDLANDY Metal Detecting Gloves

No more sore hands from that uncomfortable grip at the end of a long day. These gloves offer your hands the all-day comfort they deserve and reduces shock and vibration from all that digging with foam padding around the palm.

The Handlandy padded work gloves also feature 3 touch screen fingertips so you can use your phone without removing the glove.

HANDLANDY Work Gloves Men & Women, Utility Mechanic Working Gloves Touch Screen, Flexible Breathable Yard Work Gloves (Large, Grey)

They’re also made out of breathable, flexible fabric which helps the sweat to evaporate, so your skin stays comfortably dry during those hot days out in the fields or on the beach.

Plus they have an elastic & adjustable hook and loop wrist closure system, which gives you the perfect fit for safety and comfort throughout the day.
Handlandy gloves are functional detecting gloves that are made with a clever breathable back-of-hand design, padded palms, an adjustable elastic wrist closure and 3 touch screen fingertips. What more do you want in a pair of metal detecting gloves?

These come in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large

Handlandy Metal Detecting Gloves
  • Flexible & Breathable Work Gloves: Stretchable spandex design back keep your hands cool and comfortable on the job. These work gloves are design by men's sizes, could run large for women, Please choose utility work gloves according to the size chart in the picture 6th before order.
  • Touch Screen Work Gloves: With 3 Touch screen compatible fingertips capable for your phone or tablet without having to take the gloves off.
  • Terry Cloth On The Thumb: More convenient to wipe your face and sweat away while staying focused on the task at hand.
  • Utility Work Gloves with Padded Palm & Knuckle: Synthetic leather palm with foam padding provides hands better support & all-day comfort, gives extra protection from vibration & impact while allowing flexibility.
  • Easy On, Easy Off Mechanic Gloves:Supportive neoprene cuff with with hook& loop strips closure cuff for snug secure fit.