Seven Best Friendly and Helpful Metal Detecting Forums

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Seven Best Friendly and Helpful Metal Detecting Forums

If you’re new to metal detecting, or even if you’re a pro at it, it’s not that uncommon to get some tips and advice from other people who share this hobby. After all, the more you know about metal detecting, the better you’ll get at it and the more likely you’ll be finding some amazing relics from then on! So here we present the seven best friendly and helpful metal detecting forums on the internet.

Since people are participating in more online activities than ever before thanks to COVID, it’s good to know there are ways you can log on and get the information you need, including tips and suggestions from other metal detecting enthusiasts.

The good news is, there are numerous forums and blogs that go into great detail about all aspects of metal detecting, which means you’ll always be able to get the information you need to hone your craft.

 metal detecting forums

Yes, metal detecting is an art form because the more you know about it, the more successful you’ll be at it. But not to worry because there are numerous places online that will help you do just that because a helpful and friendly metal detecting forum is not that difficult to find if you know where to look.

In fact, below are seven of them that you will find very informative and fun.

Here Is What We Consider To Be The Seven Best Friendly and Helpful Metal Detecting Forums

American Detectorist

With nearly 4,000 members and more than 225,000 posts posted so far, this forum is very well laid-out and neat-looking, making it super-easy to find what you’re looking for every time. It has a top-notch user interface and uses the vBulletin platform, and it consists of dozens of topics that are of interest to all metal detecting enthusiasts. The home page is separate from the forum, and in addition to member posts, you can get access to tutorials, articles, and lots of tips and tricks you can use to better your chances of finding something spectacular.

They also give out three awards each and every month, for the best finds in the categories of jewelry, coins, and relics, and the members seem to love this feature. You can find stories and photos of various finds, discover how to store and clean your relics, and even get help when you’ve found a relic and you aren’t sure what it is. The forum covers everything related to metal detecting, so whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been doing this for years, you can always get the help you need here.

The Dankowski Metal Detecting Forum

Created and developed by a metal detecting expert nicknamed NASA Tom (Thomas Dankowski), it is a place for experts to get together and share their knowledge of the metal detecting hobby. But don’t worry if you’re just an amateur or a beginner, because all of the experts who frequent the forum are happy to share their knowledge with others. While NASA Tom is now busy doing other things, he does visit the site frequently, so if you want to learn from the very best, here is your opportunity to do so.

Friendly and Helpful Metal Detecting Forums

The members on the forum are so passionate about their hobby, so some of the topics go on and on for weeks at a time, but that isn’t such a bad thing. After all, if you want to gain knowledge about any aspect of metal detecting and you want the information to be accurate and truthful, this is the forum you want to visit. Regardless of your level of experience, you’ll always have the opportunity to learn something new on this forum.

Detector Prospector

Built on the Invision platform, Detector Prospector is used mostly by people who hunt for gold relics with their metal detector, and it is not only a very informative site but a very nice-looking one as well. It is easy to navigate and very modern-looking, and it provides hundreds of topics for you to explore. Best of all, you can utilize it whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been using your metal detector for years. Through each topic, the site provides reviews of various metal detectors, hints for finding the best gold pieces, and lots of other details about all aspects of prospecting for gold with your metal detector.

This site also has some amazingly loyal members, as numerous members have been on there – and very active – for many years. This is because of the expertise offered on the forum, because when it comes to valuable information on metal detecting and prospecting for gold, this site cannot be beat. User friendly and a heck of a lot of fun, Detector Prospector could be the only forum you need when you’re looking for information on your metal detecting hobby.

Find’s Treasure Forums

This one is not the biggest metal detecting forum out there, but it still boasts of being the third-largest overall. The forum is operated on the Phorum platform and as far as user experience, it is considered the middle of the road. Like most other forums, you have to register for an account, which is free, to post and participate, but you can still view all of the posts without doing that. The forum offers questions, stories, a way to message other people, and even classifieds, and once you register, you get access to all of it.

joining Metal Detecting Forums

They do have some strict rules and regulations if you want to be a member, so you’ll want to review all of these requirements carefully before setting up your account. The topics they list include information on different metal detector brands, general metal detecting information, information on the best ways to detect metals on the beach, and dozens of other topics that are of interest to hobbyists. You simply look up the topic, click on it, then start reading what hundreds of other people have posted to get the information you need.

Friendly Metal Detecting Forum

This is one of the largest and most popular forums for metal detecting enthusiasts. Run on the vBulletin platform, it has more than 52,000 members and has received more than three million posts since its inception. You can either create an account for free, which is required if you want to post anything, or simply read through the various posts to get the information you’re looking for. If you post, you can ask questions, make suggestions, and a whole lot more, and because of the way it is set up and organized, it has a very relaxed and homey feel, allowing you to feel comfortable while you’re there.

Friendly and Helpful Metal Detecting Forums

But don’t let the size fool you because this forum has tons of valuable information and a great knowledge base that includes every aspect of metal detecting that you can think of. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced metal detecting hobbyist, you’ll feel right at home here, especially since the other members are so responsive and eager to answer any question you might have. In short, the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum is very deserving of its name, and you’ll love visiting it.

The Treasure Depot

The first thing you’ll notice about this forum is the fact that its look is more old-fashioned than most other forums, looking more like the 4-Chan platform than the Reddit one. Still, with more than 15,000 members and over 5,000 posts, they must be doing something right, and one of those things is its easy-to-use features and its topics, which are both plentiful and useful. You can get a lot of the information you’re looking for whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, and current topics include “trash or treasure,” “National Detecting League (NDL),” and topics that are related to specific areas of the country.

The Treasure Depot is good whether you like to look for coins, jewelry, or even gold because there is such a wide variety of useful information there. This information includes generic information on hunting for relics and more specific information, and there is even a classified section for those who wish to buy or sell something that is related to metal detecting. The forum truly offers something for everyone. THINK THIS FORUM MAY HAVE CLOSED.

Treasure Net

If you’re looking for the largest metal detecting forum available today, this is it. Treasure Net boasts 120,000 members and nearly 5.5 million posts. Its platform isn’t as user-friendly as many other forums are, but it offers every topic you can imagine that is related to metal detecting. Some metal detecting enthusiasts think it’s a bit too much information, but for most people, it’s great to be able to go to a website and find any information you need that has to do with metal detecting. It is also a great site for both beginners and more experienced users.

Despite its platform, it is still relatively easy to maneuver and has a classifieds section as well as sections on specific topics such as gold prospecting, member finds and even updated prices for metal, oil and gas, and a few others. There is also a general information section that you can use to ask questions and make suggestions, among other things. Whatever information you need on metal detecting, you are certain to find it at Treasure Net.

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