The Seven Best Metal Detectors Under 100 Dollars

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  • Date: January 29, 2024
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Seven Best Metal Detectors

So, you’ve decided you want to buy a metal detector; now, where do you start to make sure you get the right one? Read on as we list what we think are the seven best metal detectors under 100 dollars.

While most metal detectors have some similar basic features, many of them have features that are unique to that particular model. In addition, the quality of the features can change from one metal detector to the next, making this something you also need to consider.

The key to getting the best metal detector for under 100 dollars, is to decide exactly what you want from your detector, then research online the models that offer those particular features.

Most people also have a budget they need to follow when shopping for the right metal detector, but not to worry. These days, there are tons of high-quality metal detectors that come at prices everyone can afford, and they are made by companies that specialize in metal-detection products, including both detectors and headphones.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you may want to consider before you start shopping for best metal detector under $100.

Where Are You Going to Use the Detector?

If you live in an area that is steeped in history and you know you want to find old relics and coins, you may want to look for a “specialty” detector with different modes that increase the odds of finding those things.

Different modes hone in on different types of metals, so look at these modes and make sure there is one offered by the company that can accommodate you.

In addition, if you know you’re going to be using your metal detector in or near the water, look for one that comes with a waterproof “coil” made to go into the water to search for various metals. In other words, if you’re going to be searching for something specific like deep gold,  with your metal detector, you have to make sure the one you buy is able to find it for you.

Are You the Only One Who Will Use the Detector?

Metal detectors come in various sizes, and many are adjustable, so if you’re the only one who’s going to be using this particular metal detector, all you have to do is find a detector that accommodates your height.

On the other hand, if you’re going to be sharing it with others, especially if those other people are kids, you may want to consider buying an adjustable metal detector.

These detectors adjust to different sizes and many are made specifically to accommodate both adults and kids.

There are also metal detectors made just for kids, so you have a wide range to choose from when you’re looking for the perfect metal detector.

Before you decide on the length of the detector, make sure you consider who will be using it after the purchase, and the rest should be easy. All these things will help to get you the best metal detector for under $100

How Often Will You Use Your Metal Detector?

If metal detecting is merely a hobby, you might as well save yourself some money and go with a detector that isn’t that expensive.

You’ll still get an efficient metal detector without paying a fortune for it. If, on the other hand, you want to take your hobby a little more seriously and intend to use it quite often, it might behoove you to find a more expensive metal detector that has the features and the quality to accommodate your needs.

The Seven Best Metal Detectors Under 100 Dollars

  1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
  2. Tacklife Metal Detector with Three Different Modes
  3. Canway High-Accuracy Metal Detector
  4. RM Ricomax Professional Metal Detector
  5. Avid Power Metal Detector for Kids
  6. Intey High-Precision Metal Detector
  7. Sailnovo High-Accuracy Metal Detector

If you’re really on a budget and need to watch your pennies, not to worry because finding the best metal detectors under 100 dollars is much easier than you think, and you can start with the ones listed here:

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

 Best Metal Detectors Under $100

Priced at around $97, this metal detector is made by a company with a reputation for making high-quality metal detectors and corresponding headsets, and the TK4 metal detector offers everything you need for productive treasure-hunting, with the exception of a high price. This is one of the finest machines on the market today and easily makes the best metal detectors under 100 dollars list.

It is made out of rugged metal and is specially designed to find treasures even deep underground, giving you the ability to see large items up to three feet under the ground.

best metal detector under $100

You can find all sorts of treasures with this metal detector and you can take it anywhere, in part because it is designed to take a lot of abuse and keep on going.

The TK4 has a 6.7 kHz operating frequency and offers three separate modes to make sure you’re using it efficiently.

This includes a motion all-metal mode, two-tone audio mode, and a discrimination mode. There is also a disc/notch control feature that helps the metal detector distinguish between potential treasures and unwanted metals in the ground.

In addition, the preset ground balance feature neutralizes the response to any mineral content found in the ground you’re exploring.

best metal detector under $100

Easy and comfortable to use, the TK4 metal detector has an easy-to-read control panel and is sturdy but not so heavy that using it is uncomfortable.


  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions
  • Motion All-Metal mode, Discrimination mode, and 2-Tone audio mode.Larger objects up to 3 feet
  • Preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground
  • Disc/notch control distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals
  • 6.7 kHz operating frequency
  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions
  • Motion All-Metal mode, Discrimination mode, and 2-Tone audio mode
  • Preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground
  • Disc/notch control distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Pros & Cons

  • ● Rugged construction to last for a very long time.
  • ● Allows you to see deep under the ground.
  • ● Comes with a ¼” headphone jack for convenience.
  • ● Some complaints that it arrived broken.
  • ● Some complaints that it didn’t work right.


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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector with adjustable trash elimination

Tacklife Metal Detector with Three Different Modes

 Best Metal Detectors Under100

This is an adjustable metal detector that can go from 24 inches to 45 inches in length, making it a very versatile metal detector indeed.

Not only is it a Tacklife Detector a very accurate metal detector, but it also comes with three different audio modes – low, medium, and high – so that you can distinguish between different metal types.

Priced at around $70, it has a large digital display with cartoon-like icons that are both easy to understand and will make you laugh.

Best of all, its ergonomic design means it will keep you comfortable regardless of how long you use it. All these things make this one of the best detectors on the best metal detectors under 100 dollars list.

best metal detector under $100

It comes with a 7.8-inch diameter search coil that allows for perfect exploring in and around water, so you can use it at the beach or the lake with confidence.

The back-lit LCD screen includes information such as operating mode, discrimination, sensitivity level, and depth level, and it is so easy to use that it is often recommended for beginners.

best cheap detector

You also get everything that you need to use it immediately, including two 9-volt batteries, a user manual, and a convenient carrying bag, making it simple to take with you wherever you go.

best metal detector under $100


  • THREE AUDIO TONE WITH HIGH ACCURACY – Metal Detector has distinctive audio tone – a low tone, a medium tone, and a high tone displayed on the interesting icon that can distinguish different metals; DISC modes help you eliminate target categories and improve your detecting efficiency
  • LARGE AND FUNNY LCD DISPLAY – Equipped with a large backlit LCD screen to display different detecting depth, discrimination, operating mode, overload warning, sensitivity level, and battery level, you can distinguish between targets and unwanted metals; This entry-level metal detector is a perfect gift for beginners
  • IP68 SEARCH COIL – 7.8’’ Diameter search coil and the stem enables you to use metal to explore underwater, ideal for detecting on the beach or in the stream(NOTE: the control box can not be put in the water); Adopts a headphone jack(3.5mm / 1/8inch) so you can connect it with a headphone (NOT Included), which allows you to use it in the noisy environment
  • HUMANITY DESIGN – The Metal Detector is in accordance with ergonomic design, comfortable and convenient to use; Adjustable stem extending from 24” to 45” adapts to users of different heights; The armrest design saves more effort, which gives you a great treasure hunting journey
  • WHAT YOU GET – 1 X Tacklife MMD02 Metal Detector, 2 X 9V Battery, 1 X User’s Manual, 1 X Large Size Carrying Bag, Any other questions please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve them in time; NOTE: The three cartoons displayed on the product, and the detection functions from left to right can separately detect ferrous icon metals; detect precious non-ferrous metals; detect copper and silver coins

Pros & Cons

  • ● Adjustable and therefore able to accommodate both kids and adults.
  • ● Very reasonably priced and affordable for everyone.
  • ● Easy-to-read control panel to make it easy to operate.
  • ● Some complaints about the lack of accuracy.
  • ● Some complaints about it not working properly.


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No products found.

Canway High-Accuracy Metal Detector

 Best Metal Detectors Under $100

This metal detector is adjustable from 33 inches to 40.6 inches and therefore can accommodate both adults and kids.

It has a nice-sized LCD display with lights to make it super easy to see, a waterproof design for protection from the elements, a 10-inch waterproof coil for using in and around water, and it comes with everything you need to start using it right away, including a shovel, a user manual, and a carrying bag. All of this is why this machine has made the best metal detectors under 100 dollars list.

 Best Metal Detectors Under $100

It even comes with an armrest that makes using it both more comfortable for you and a lot more convenient. With this armrest, you can concentrate more on the task at hand and less on your comfort level.

Because it uses many different audio tones, you can determine what is under the ground each time you start exploring because of the sounds you’re hearing, and it can distinguish between something that might be valuable and worthless pieces of metal.

In fact, this metal detector can distinguish between seven different target categories, which means it works very efficiently every time you put it to use.

best metal detector under $100

You can use it in your yard, at the beach, near a stream, or out in a field somewhere, and the LCD screen makes it super simple because it is intuitive and therefore very useful.


  • Adjustable Humanity Design: the metal detector from 33″ to 40.6″ adjustable stem is applicable to kids and adults. The armrest design saves more effort which gives you a comfortable state.
  • High Accuracy Detecting: you can tell what type of metal you’ve detected just by distinctive Audio tones. And the pinpointer function enables one to pinpoint a target accurately. It also can ignore Junk metal and improve your detecting efficiency by setting the disc range.
  • Intuitive LCD Control Box: Metal detector equipped with a large back-lit LCD screen to display depth(up to 8 inches deep), operating mode, sensitivity level, battery condition, and volume level, you can distinguish between 7 target categories and eliminate unwanted metals. LCD Screen is very intuitive and convenient.
  • Suitable for Different environments: 10-inch waterproof search coil enables to detect underwater. Perfect for outdoor like beach, stream, yard. (Note: the control box is not waterproof).

Pros & Cons

  • ● Suitable for many different environments, that is, very versatile.
  • ● Depth indication and discrimination mode.
  • ● Very affordable at just under $100.
  • ● Some complaints that it isn’t very accurate.
  • ● Some complaints that it broke shortly after purchase.

Canway Metal Detector High Accuracy Adjustable Waterproof Metal Finder Review

RM Ricomax Professional Metal Detector

 Detectors Under $100

The RM Ricomax professional metal detector adjusts from 35 inches to 45 inches in length and therefore can accommodate both adults and kids.

It comes with a folding shovel and carrying bag that makes it simple to transport from one location to another, and the LED flash indicators on the display control make it easy to determine what type of metals the detector has found.

 Best Metal Detectors $100

It is priced at around $80 and can easily locate metals such as coins, relics, gold, copper, silver, all types of jewelry, and much more. When the metal is nearby, the detector makes a beeping sound that prepares you to be on the lookout.

best metal detector under $100

This metal detector also contains three dials: one to adjust the volume of the beep tone, one for the metal discrimination, and one for the detection sensitivity.

The 9-volt battery you install in the detector to operate it will give you up to 150 hours of use, and the LED panel is so clear you can even read it easily when it’s dark outside.

It even comes with a submersible coil that makes finding objects near a lake or at the beach much easier.

great Metal Detectors Under $100

It has a padded armrest and an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable each time you use it, and it is also intuitive and therefore very easy to control. With all of these features it’s obvious why it’s on the best metal detectors under 100 dollars list.


  • The all-metal mode can identify different types of metals including coins, relics, jewelry, gold, copper, silver, etc; DISC mode discriminates the specific metal being detected. There will be a beep to remind you that the metal is nearby. The closer the coil approaches to the target metal, the signal on the meter is stronger.
  • RM RICOMAX metal finder equips an IP68 waterproof submersible coil probe. With a diameter of 8 inches, the coil can uncover the hidden metals up to 8-inch deep underground, which makes it a good choice for gold-digging along the beaches, riversides, and streams.
  • RM RICOMAX metal detector is operated by 3 dials, one for adjusting the volume of the beep tone, one for the detection sensitivity, and one for the metal discrimination. The LED control panel(as well as the meter) can give you a clear view in the dark. To run the metal detector requires one 9V alkaline battery(not included), giving it in total 150 hours of use.
  • RM RICOMAX metal detector weighs just 2.38 pounds. Its telescopic stem can be adjusted between 35 to 45 inches to fit for both kids and adults; The padded armrest adopting the ergonomic structure is very intuitive to control. On the meter, there is a 3.5mm jack. You can wear headphones and keep focus under noisy conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • ● Adjustable to suit both adults and kids.
  • ● Reasonably priced and affordable for everyone.
  • ● Comes with everything you need to use it right away.
  • ● Some complaints that it broke almost right away.
  • ● Some complaints that the battery doesn’t last very long.



Avid Power Metal Detector for Kids

 Best Metal Detectors Under

If you want a metal detector with a kid-friendly design and a reasonable price, the Avid Power metal detector is for you.

Priced at just $40, it makes the perfect metal detector for kids who want to learn more about how to uncover hidden treasures underground. It has an easy-to-use on/off switch and comes with a small shovel and a carrying bag to easily store it away when it isn’t being used.

The LCD screen is bright and easy to see, and the detector is made without any sharp points or anything else that might be dangerous for your child to handle. It is also collapsible and therefore can accommodate even small children.

best metal detector under $100

In addition, when the machine detects any type of metal, the green light on the display screen turns red and it starts beeping, making it simple to determine when to stop moving and start digging.

It can detect coins, jewelry, silverware, relics, and a whole lot more, and not only is it lightweight at just over a pound, but it also adjusts from 28 inches to 35 inches, meaning it can accommodate older children as well.

You also get everything you need to use it immediately, including the battery, a user manual, and a carrying bag, so you can begin using it as soon as you get it out of the package.


  • KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Avid Power Metal Detector designed with adjustable stem adapts to users of different heights; LCD displays battery level and 3 waves can turn into a dart when targeting, simple and clear for your children to use. The collapsible detector is made of harmless plastic, with no sharp points, and totally no risk to your kids.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Push the POWER switch to turn on the metal detector, keep the search coil parallel to the ground and sweep it in a side-to-side motion. When close to the metal objects, the green light will turn red, meanwhile, it beeps loudly and the LCD displays a dart.
  • MULTIPLE USES: This lovely metal detector is equipped with a waterproof search coil which let you play outdoor treasure hunt in many places(the upper part of the stem and LCD screen are not water-resistant). This high-quality safe detector can quickly locate coins, jewelry, rings, relics, gold, silverware, and other metal objects buried up to 4 inches below the surface. It can work indoors, outdoors, on beaches, lawns, parks, forests, gardens, sand, or soil.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND FOLDABLE: Weight: 1.27 lb. 28.7 to 35.4 inches height-adjustable stem adapts both children and juniors. Lightweight and foldable search coil are convenient for traveling or outdoor activities. You can put it into the carrying bag easily to take to anywhere. This multi-functional metal detector is a perfect gift for kids and juniors for birthdays or festivals.
  • WHAT YOU WOULD GET: 1 * Avid Power Metal Detector, 1 * 9V Battery, 1 * Plastic Shovel, 1 * Carrying Bag, 1 * User Manual, Warranty Card, and Friendly Customer Service.

Pros & Cons

  • ● Made safe and easy to use for kids of all ages.
  • ● Reasonably priced at just $40.
  • ● Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • ● Some complaints about the arm rest breaking off.
  • ● Some complaints about the red light staying on constantly.

No products found.

Intey High-Precision Metal Detector

 Best cheap Metal Detectors

Adjustable from 30 inches to 42 inches, this metal detector can be used by both adults and kids and costs only $60, making it affordable for everyone.

Lightweight at around two pounds and easy to carry from one adventure to another, this metal detector can find items such as coins, jewelry, silverware, gold or silver, relics, and much more.

best metal detector under $100

It also offers features that include sensitivity adjustment, metal identification mode, and sound adjustment, making it super sensitive to a variety of finds and enabling you to look forward to each and every outing you take with it.

You can use this metal detector in your backyard, on an open field out in the country, or even at the beach or near a local stream, thanks to the waterproof coil that comes with it.

It has many other useful features as well, including an LCD display that is easy to read, a battery holder for convenience, and an easy on/off switch, and a comfortable armrest to make its use a piece of cake. That ease of use is why it made the best metal detectors under 100 dollars list.

best metal detector under $100

Because it is so easy to use and so efficient, this metal detector is the perfect one for beginners and young people, and it does everything that the higher-priced metal detectors do without paying a fortune for it.


  • Simple Operation and Complete Functions: like the main functions of the detectors on the market, our metal detectors are equipped with sound adjustment, sensitivity adjustment, and metal identification mode. However, our detector uses simple knobs instead of complicated key patterns, which is easy to operate and easy to learn. It is especially suitable for beginners, children, and teenagers for simple outdoor adventures.
  • Sensitivity Controller – the power switch. When searching for a target, the sensitivity can be adjusted to a higher position; if the soil mineralization is complicated or the electrical interference is large so that the instability occurs, the sensitivity can be appropriately lowered.
  • The Best Gift for Parent-child Activities- 30.7 to 42.5 height-adjustable stem is suitable for both adults and kids. The coil of the portable metal detector is waterproof, so we can search for metal or treasure in the shallow water area. It is the perfect gift for the family, can accompany your children through the weekend, can guide them to explore the world, and cultivate curiosity.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry: INTEY metal detector weighs only 0.94KG, no matter what age, it will not have a heavy load when used, and it can also be taken to the beach and jungle for adventure activities
  • Need to install two 9V batteries(non includes): When your detector squeaks, the pointer swings irregularly, and the “LOW BAT” indicator on the panel lights, please replace the battery in time

Pros & Cons

  • ● Adjustable to accommodate both adults and kids.
  • ● Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • ● Very reasonably priced at $60.
  • ● Some complaints about elimination of items not working.
  • ● Some complaints about it not being sensitive enough to pick up certain objects.


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No products found.

Sailnovo High-Accuracy Metal Detector

good metal detector under $100

Priced at just under $88, this is a high-quality metal detector that offers tons of features usually found only on higher-priced models.

This includes an LCD display that makes it easy to understand what is going on, a waterproof coil that makes it easy to find objects in or near the water and a pinpoint function that tells you exactly where the item is.

best metal detector under $100

It is also able to distinguish between types of metals – such as gold, silver, copper, and more – and its length is adjustable from 31.5 inches to 39 inches, meaning it can accommodate most people.

Whether metal-detecting is a hobby or something you take very seriously, this is a great metal detector for you to have on hand.

It is also a very lightweight and portable metal detector, which makes it easy to take with you from one adventure to the next, and it comes with a shovel and a user manual, making it easy for you to use it immediately after you take it out of the packaging.

It is easy to assemble and very intuitive, giving you a lot of control each time you use it, and it even comes in an attractive yellow-and-black design for aesthetic appeal.

best metal detector under $100

Its comfortable armrest lets you use the metal detector for long periods of time without getting sore muscles, and you’ll love using it so much you’ll wonder how you lived without it.


  • FUNNY & USEFUL: This metal detector has a waterproof search coil, controllable sensitivity & LCD display, PINPOINT function, ALL METAL & DISC modes to choose from. With our device, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver!
  • MULTIPLE DETECTION MODES: This metal detector has 2 modes to choose from. ALL METAL: detects all types of metals. DISC: Distinguishes recognized metals such as gold, silver, iron, zinc, etc. The pinpointer function enables a target to be located precisely.
  • ADJUSTABLE & INTUITIVE: The metal detector with LCD display is easy to assemble and beautifully light, very intuitive, and convenient. It has an adjustable lever and the length can be adjusted from 0.8 to 1 m and gives you a comfortable condition.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: A metal detector with a waterproof search coil is perfect for outdoor areas such as the beach, stream, and courtyard; Perfect for hobby treasure hunters or looking for lost metal items, let children explore meadows and fields!
  • It is quick to use and suitable for various scenes. It comes with 1 X metal detector, 1 X shovel, 1 X manual, 1 X headphone.

Pros & Cons

  • ● Intuitive and easy to control.
  • ● User-friendly and easy to assemble.
  • ● Very affordable at around $88.
  • ● Some complaints about it breaking quickly.
  • ● Some complaints that it wasn’t sensitive enough.

Sailnovo Metal Detector, High Accuracy Adjustable Detector


Metal detectors don’t have to be expensive to be efficient and high in quality. Once you decide which features are most important to you, you can more easily find the one that suits your needs and you can find the best metal detectors for under 100 dollars just for you.

The companies that specialize in making great metal detectors make them in all price ranges and with all different features.

Whether you want a metal detector made for kids or one that comes with waterproof coils so that you can use your detector every time you’re on the beach, you can easily find one if you know where to look.